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Russell Walks Illustration

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An Impractical Idea: Cyberpunk via Hard Drive

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An Impractical Idea: Cyberpunk via Hard Drive

I was going through some old hard drives with an IDE/SATA to USB converter (thanks to Stew and others for advice on this) and the feel of it — seeing/hearing/feeling a chunk of weighty metal rev up thanks to the most trivial hardware hacking you could possibly do — gave me an idea:




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Over on her blog, [info]

triciasullivan asks me what I think about Norman Spinrad’s Third World Worlds piece in the April May Asimov’s. This after a grumble from me about being sub-poenaed as a witness for the prosecution led to an ugly and unnecessary derail-war on her blog. Only reasonable that I haul it over here, as her place is looking like the Ypres Salient at the moment.


The Singularity: An Appraisal

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Note to myself for later viewing.


The future of web publishing, part seventeen million and six. – Charlie’s Diary

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I’m currently engaged in a crowdfunded side project with a group of other SFF writers and visual artists (and a computer geek or two) that’s attempting to explore some of the options for things a web-optimized written narrative can do. That narrative (what we’re calling a “hyperfiction environment”) is called Shadow Unit. While it exists in various places around the web (a wiki, some livejournals, some web pages linked to pieces of fiction), the launchpad is here.

Very cool explanation by Elizabeth Bear of what she’s learned about hyperfiction.


Personal social media plan

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@kylemaxwell is me: infosec, Linux, and mildly personal.

I’ll keep my EVE Online blogging at Ecliptic Rift. I will, however, move it to a new domain and keep using a tumbleblog (though possibly with a new URL). This piece happens under my @casiella identity.

Technoskald is a tumbleblog for social media, Internet culture, science fiction, gaming, books, etc. It will link up with my @technoskald account. The old Chrome Bits content already has been imported since Chrome Bits is dead in its current incarnation. I’ll keep the domain name, though, because it’s cool and we might get to re-use it. If I get started on grad school, for example, then it could work for something under that.

I’ve resurrected Caffeinated Security as a tumbleblog and soon-to-be vlog. I’ve yet to decide whether to use some video site like Vimeo or YouTube, or just publish directly via Posterous.

I use Flickr for lots of different image things, separated by set. Right now, it’s just EVE Online and personal stuff (which I suppose could move off of there), but I’ll keep using it for science fiction, gaming, security, math, et cetera. Finally, my resume site will soon include a lifestream of all my RSS feeds.