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How to Pay Writers When You’re Broke

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Glad to see this post, as I've been chewing on a concept for a project and had a few core ideas from this as well. Though I wonder about the wrinkles when talking about purely electronic media vs. PoD.

via Some Space to Think: How to Pay Writers When You’re Broke.


An Impractical Idea: Cyberpunk via Hard Drive

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An Impractical Idea: Cyberpunk via Hard Drive

I was going through some old hard drives with an IDE/SATA to USB converter (thanks to Stew and others for advice on this) and the feel of it — seeing/hearing/feeling a chunk of weighty metal rev up thanks to the most trivial hardware hacking you could possibly do — gave me an idea:



Just A Draft at Tobias Buckell Online

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It’s All Just a Draft is a draft of a book on writing, collected from blog posts and other miscellany around It’s as much a brief biography as anything else, and hopefully less lecture-y. It’s a response to requests to link to all my writing related posts, or frequent questions I get about writing.


Stross on publishing

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From Charlie Stross:

It is a common misconception — to paraphrase a commenter in the previous post on common misconceptions about publishing, that “the only two people that matter are the author and the reader (one puts creativity in, the other money: the rest add cost)”. This is a bit like saying that in commercial air travel, “the only two people that matter are the pilot and the passenger (the rest add cost)”.

To which I would say: what about the air traffic controllers (who stop the plane flying into other aircraft)? What about the maintenance engineers who keep it airworthy? The cabin crew, whose job is to evacuate the plane and save the passengers in event of an emergency (and keep them fed and irrigated in flight)? The airline’s back-office technical support staff who’re available by radio 24×7 to troubleshoot problems the pilots can’t diagnose? The meteorology folks who provide weather forecasts and advise flight planners where to route their flights? The fuel tanker drivers who are responsible for making sure that the airliner has the right amount of the right type of fuel to reach its destination, and that it’s clean and uncontaminated? The designers and engineers at Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, or the other manufacturers who build the bloody things in the first place …?



Living Stories can reinvent the article – O’Reilly Radar

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Living Stories can reinvent the article

Google’s Living Stories platform fills a big gap in the content universe

by Mac Slocum | @macslocum
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Content consumers — the people who seek information but don’t create or curate it — are getting a raw deal.

Why? Because static articles don’t capture the kinetic energy newsworthy topics generate. Real-time updates are flawed, too. Twitter can’t offer context or deeper analysis. And RSS is most useful if you’ve got the time and energy to curate your sources. That’s like gardening, though: some people love tilling the soil, but most just want to eat.

Tools of Change

Until recently, there was no middle-ground content product. No service that combines editorial oversight with the archival quality of articles and the real-time info-drip of Twitter. But a few months ago, Google teamed up with the Washington Post and the New York Times to test a new content model called Living Stories that addresses the missing link in the content chain.

Could this be used for fictional storytelling in some sense?


A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Digital Perception

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Digital Perception

Digitization has really screwed things up.

Whether the screw up is a good thing or a bad thing still remains to be seen. But recent talks of ebooks and piracy brings up two important (and I feel thought-provoking) issues.

First is the perception of ownership.

Second is the perception of value.

I don’t know that I actually agree with him, but he’s got some well-thought-out points on digital content distribution that deserve consideration.


Why In Fact Publishing Will Not Go Away Anytime Soon: A Deeply Slanted Play in Three Acts

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Why In Fact Publishing Will Not Go Away Anytime Soon: A Deeply Slanted Play in Three Acts

Published by John Scalzi at 8:41 pm


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