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Get A Look At Kinect’s Star Wars Game

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Is Microsoft on the wrong side of the Kyrgyzstan revolution?

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By April 1st, independent journalism in Kyrgyzstan was dead, both in print and online. A article calls March 10, 2010 “the beginning of the regime of silence”.  The next target was a Kazakhstan Internet television station called “Stan TV” which served neighboring Kyrgyzstan. According to, agents of the State Financial Police and a representative of Microsoft arrived armed with an order from the Kyrgyzstan Prosecutor General’s office to seal all the station’s equipment.  This included confiscating private laptops that were on the premises at the time. The justification for this action was the charge from Microsoft’s agent that Stan Media LLC may be using pirated Microsoft software. This charge had yet to be proven, however the station was shut down pending such time when a final determination could be made. A Stan TV official was quoted as saying:

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