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Discoverability + Author Follow-Up = WIN! : The New Sleekness

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the takeaway here is for authors to make a complete investment in reaching out to their community, even through non-traditional methods.


Are virtual worlds over?

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Are virtual worlds over?

Dan Terdiman at CNet engages in some handwringing over the fact that kids worlds and social games are taking over the hype that used to belong to virtual worlds.

But to someone who cut his virtual world teeth on more immersive, 3D environments like There and Second Life, these never-ending announcements of new companies trying to jump on the social gaming bandwagon have left me with one nagging question: Where is the innovation?

The innovation lies in making something that matters to ordinary people.

Now, I am a virtual world person, obviously. I don’t see much distinction between the game worlds and the non-game ones like Second Life. I have been working with them since the text muds, for over 15 years, which doesn’t exactly put me in the true old dino category where Richard Bartle and Randy Farmer reside, but I think it is fair to say that I have been closely identified with the space for a long long time now.

And I think that they aren’t over, but the form that they have taken is.


Urbex :: Urban Exploration

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If anything could ever pull me into photography, this sort of thing would do it.


The Deus Ex 3 FAQs

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I’m happy to see they seem to have focused on getting back to what we loved so much about Deus Ex I.


Curmudgeonly essay on “Why the Internet Will Fail” from 1995

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In 1995, astronomer, amateur hacker tracker and Klein-bottle maker Clifford Stoll wrote an essay (and a book, too, but I haven’t read that) explaining why this Internet thing will never work. His main argument seems to be, “Hardware and software will all top out in the mid-90s and, thus, the Internet will never ever get any more user friendly or portable. Also, it is different and scary.” Hilarity ensues.

What makes this suddenly interesting is comment #34.


Social gamers aren’t looking for games

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Talk to most hardcore gamers and they don’t consider social games to be games at all. Talk with many social gamers and it’s likely they don’t consider what they’re doing a game either. So what exactly are they doing? Facebooking, that’s what.


Storytelling With Images, An Experiment | little red planet

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A couple of weeks ago I took a little bush walk in Sherbrooke Forest near my home. I came back with a number of fantastic photos however, viewed individually or one after the other, they lost some of their appeal and magic. Last week I experimented with uploading an image a day with a one sentence caption that told a simple story. The photos and captions helped to tie the images together and allowed me to highlight aspects of the photo. This worked out really well so I’ve placed them together into a little movie complete with a Ry Cooder audio track.