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Baby, Set Down the Controller – Understanding Olivia Munn’s Cult (via Nonstop Karate)

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Nonstop Karate really, actually, truly gets it. (Warning for some friends, includes a tiny bit of strong language here and there.)

Baby, Set Down the Controller - Understanding Olivia Munn's Cult Girls play videogames. I get this. There have been plenty of Maxim features on buxom young actresses and singers that casually mention their interests in videogames. But good lord, geeks have been doomed ever since every girl aspiring for fame realized they can leap Hollywood mount … Read More

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The droids we’re googling for, originally uploaded by Stéfan.

The droids we’re googling for

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Boom! Tweets & Maps Swarm to Pinpoint a Mysterious Explosion

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What would you do if you heard a giant boom and you didn’t know where it came from? If you’re like thousands of people in Portland, Oregon, you might hit Twitter and Google Maps to participate in the city-wide exploration of a slightly frightening mystery. Last night at about 8 p.m., people in a big part of the city felt their windows shake and no one could tell them what caused it.

Was it a sonic boom? An angry deity? Even the mayor himself tweeted this morning that he was looking into the sound. In the meantime, thousands of people were using the hashtag #pdxboom and adding themselves to a hastily configured Google Map showing where they lived and how loud the boom had been there. In just a few hours, a pattern emerged, with reports clustering around one city park. This morning the police found a detonated pipe bomb there and cited the Google Map in their announcement.


Just A Draft at Tobias Buckell Online

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It’s All Just a Draft is a draft of a book on writing, collected from blog posts and other miscellany around It’s as much a brief biography as anything else, and hopefully less lecture-y. It’s a response to requests to link to all my writing related posts, or frequent questions I get about writing.


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Check out this website I found at

Awesome idea for a minimalist start page without actually using “about:blank”.


Dell Tablet Mini 5 For Augmented Reality « Games Alfresco

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IGDA – Articles – Why Crunch Mode Doesn’t Work: 6 Lessons

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When used long-term, Crunch Mode slows development and creates more bugs when compared with 40-hour weeks.

More than a century of studies show that long-term useful worker output is maximized near a five-day, 40-hour workweek. Productivity drops immediately upon starting overtime and continues to drop until, at approximately eight 60-hour weeks, the total work done is the same as what would have been done in eight 40-hour weeks.

In the short term, working over 21 hours continuously is equivalent to being legally drunk. Longer periods of continuous work drastically reduce cognitive function and increase the chance of catastrophic error. In both the short- and long-term, reducing sleep hours as little as one hour nightly can result in a severe decrease in cognitive ability, sometimes without workers perceiving the decrease.