The Moderate’s Position on iPad Openness

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Here is my position, restated as clearly as I possibly can:

  1. Apple should not charge to put applications you’ve written onto your personal iPad (or iPhone, for that matter). If you purchase one of these devices, you should be able to install software of your own creation on it without any intervention or approval on Apple’s part, other than creating a free developer account. Essentially, take today’s iPhone/iPad developer program, and make it free.
  2. Apple should lift restrictions on running interpreted code on its mobile devices. Let people run Basic, Python, and Ruby interpreters on iPad and iPhone; we could make amazing tutorial applications for these and other programming languages. Let them run emulators for obsolete devices so intellectual property for them that has passed into the public domain can live on. Given that users can do much of this by virtue of Safari containing a JavaScript interpreter, the restriction seems arbitrary and backwards.
  3. Apple should remove the concept of private APIs from its developer offerings. Give developers the same tools that Apple’s own programmers get to use. If an API is still too unsafe or experimental for developers to make use of, don’t ship it, or gate it to development versions. Don’t restrict third parties from taking full advantage of the device and its software.

via Alex Payne — The Moderate’s Position on iPad Openness.


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