Weddle on Flash Fiction

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Steve Weddle thinks about Flash Fiction:

1. Flash Fiction owes its popularity to the fact that most people can’t follow a single thought for more than thirty seconds.
2. Flash Fiction works much better on the Innerwebs than it does in print.
3. Flash Fiction is much easier to find now.
4. Do you think writers are spending more time writing flash because they don’t want to spend their “free time” — time off from paid jobs, doing something for which they don’t get paid — writing for free?
5.Flash Fiction is great for writers because you can focus on a particular scene or character in something under 1,000 words.

He seems a little unfocused on point #4, which I think pulls the rest of everything down. But worth reading the flesh for all the points, regardless.

via Do Some Damage: Flash, Holmes, Podcast.

One Response to “Weddle on Flash Fiction”

  1. I’m new to blogging and am trying longer, mid length and short fiction. I find about 5 – 600 words is about the right length to hold an online audience tho I had some good response to a 3,000 wd first chapter to a novel I posted. It’s just a different platform and I don’t think people want to stare at a computer screen reading 1,000 s of words.

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