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Living Stories can reinvent the article

Google’s Living Stories platform fills a big gap in the content universe

by Mac Slocum | @macslocum
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Content consumers — the people who seek information but don’t create or curate it — are getting a raw deal.

Why? Because static articles don’t capture the kinetic energy newsworthy topics generate. Real-time updates are flawed, too. Twitter can’t offer context or deeper analysis. And RSS is most useful if you’ve got the time and energy to curate your sources. That’s like gardening, though: some people love tilling the soil, but most just want to eat.

Tools of Change

Until recently, there was no middle-ground content product. No service that combines editorial oversight with the archival quality of articles and the real-time info-drip of Twitter. But a few months ago, Google teamed up with the Washington Post and the New York Times to test a new content model called Living Stories that addresses the missing link in the content chain.

Could this be used for fictional storytelling in some sense?


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