Terra Nova: Role Player Study released

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Given that they are the titular players, they don’t get much attention, do they?

So, recently accepted for publication,
and now cleared for posting on the Interwebs is our paper (no, sorry, not
connected to the movie dotting this page) “Behind the Avatar: The
Patterns, Practices and Functions of Role Playing in MMOs.” You can find a pre-press copy here.

The paper combines the big trove of
server-side data and quant analysis of our other EQII papers, with a full-on
second step of participant observation and ethnographic interviewing. The
result, we hope, is a pretty deep look into who role players are, why they
play, and what makes them tick. The chocolate and peanut butter of combined qual-quant methods we think gives the paper good generalizability, but with depth to boot. As always, there were some obvious findings and
some unexpected stuff, below the fold:

Must read.


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