Roleplaying advice for veterans and newbies alike – Massively

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The Tattered Notebook: Roleplaying advice for veterans and newbies alike

by Seraphina Brennan

Feb 9th 2010 at 5:00PM

Filed under: Fantasy, EverQuest II, Culture, Guides, Roleplaying, The Tattered Notebook

Hello there adventurers! Seccia has taken the week off to go visit the remainder of her family in Neriak so I’m stepping in to help out with her column!

This week in The Tattered Notebook, I thought it would be a good time to talk about roleplaying a character. Roleplaying isn’t just jumping into a game world and talking in a funny accent. It’s also not just making up a character and spamming a scene with emotes.

Good roleplaying skills take both time and practice to learn. And while I can’t teach you everything in the space of a single column, I can give roleplayers, both veterans of the craft and newbies, a few tips to polish up your roleplaying skills and enhance the power of a scene.

I wish they hadn’t titled this piece specifically for EQ2, because in reality this provides great advice for RPers across many games and genres.


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