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Yeah, this didn’t really go away for me. I may have started to look at external options for blogging (obviously), but I still want to bring back my personal knowledge management (PKM) system. Think of a hypertext Moleskine, and you’ve pretty much got what I want. A wiki seems like a logical way to do that.

But should I make it totally web-accessible, or totally local, or some weird hybrid (e.g. TiddlyWiki with my netbook rsyncing down a copy from the server periodically)? Or has some other model overtaken the wiki? I have trouble envisioning what could work better than a wiki for this sort of PKM application. Markdown (or other light text-based markup) plus CamelCase to really make linking easy. As always, FOSS is sine qua non if I’m going to host it myself.

WikkaWiki did the job for a bit, but by the time I stopped using it, I had the impression that it had grown in complexity to the point where I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. That might not have really reflected reality, I admit, as I don’t recall the details of why i thought that. Ooh, Pimki seems cool, too, and it uses GraphViz (one of my favorite tools for many years now) to render mind maps (ditto). I’ll just have to keep looking, plus refresh my own skills in related areas of PKM. Wetware upgrades…


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