Is the Real Revenue in Printing Money and Trading Sheep?

In Uncategorized on 2010-02-01 by Kyle Maxwell

legends_currency_jan10.jpgFew investors know the gaming space as well as Benchmark Capital’s general partner Mitch Lasky. In addition to sitting on the board of Riot Games, Lasky’s firm invested in both Gaia and Linden Lab. Linden in particular has built an incredibly lucrative economy. The company’s in-world currency trades at about $250 Lindens to the US dollar with 2009’s revenue estimated to be $100 million dollars. With last Spring’s rumors that Facebook was considering a virtual currency, we asked Lasky to imagine what a Facebook dollar would do to casual gaming.

He explains, “I actually think Facebook could be good for Zynga and other casual gaming groups. Having the Facebook brand behind this type of monetization could help dispel any Scamville-related issues and create some certification of quality. There would likely be some attacks, but rallying behind a central currency could definitely be beneficial.”

While a Facebook dollar feels like a far off dream, how can startups profit from the emergence of new virtual economies? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.


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