Three-way miniblog fight

In Uncategorized on 2010-01-29 by Kyle Maxwell

I want to compare WordPress, Tumblr, and Posterous for miniblog setups, partly to decide whether to migrate this site and partly for planning an EVE Online miniblog (tumbleblog).

WordPress: I know it fairly well now that I’ve run it across half a dozen sites or more for several years. You can roll with the self-hosted option or use any number of providers. And everything works with it today, to the point where it’s almost a default social media platform and content management system. Posting tools for miniblogging seem a bit lacking, though, and self-hosting has positives and negatives. Decent mobile support. Most themes seem to lend themselves to long-form posting, but that certainly doesn’t exclude the themes that do have more of a tumbleblog feel as well as rolling your own (or hacking on one that already exists).

Tumblr: Very popular, lots of themes. Twitter support still requires password (no OAuth). Also, it doesn’t allow for importing WordPress archives and Delicious integration leaves a lot to be desired. Has a nice bookmarklet and knows how to “do the right thing” when you send it content. No server or application administration.

Posterous: Originally built around posting via email, it does a lot more now. Does a great job of pushing content out to lots of different sites and tools, so you can send something to one place and get it repeated wherever you want it. Like Tumblr, it handles content properly and has a good bookmarklet. Works well with Delicious. Eliminates administration as well.

Right now, for the purpose of my digital storytelling / social media / gaming and art stuff, I lean heavily to moving off of self-hosted WordPress onto Posterous. (See my earlier post on Tangled Sharing for more related thoughts.)


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