PPC advertising and search bars

In Uncategorized on 2010-01-11 by Kyle Maxwell

My local school district tried to make some money using a search bar, and it didn’t work so well. They tried to use something called Fundit from and, well, nobody wanted to mess with it.

Frankly, I could have told them this PPC gambit wouldn’t work. Not only did they not look at the basic economics here, they had a little bit of naivete in terms of what would motivate people. When a local school district (historically, the nosiest and most parochial of all types of local government) pushes users to use some tool to do all your Internet searching, the privacy advocates will start to get chills, no matter what the district claims. And marketing this with flyers sent home with students and a little mention at PTA meetings won’t get people to change their preferred search provider, no matter who it is.

I love seeing my local schools find new ways to raise funds, but they should keep looking.


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