Facebook deactivation

In Uncategorized on 2010-01-07 by Kyle Maxwell

I went ahead with it and deactivated my Facebook account, though I stopped short of fully deleting it. As I told them in the exit survey, they don’t appear to take privacy and security seriously, and I don’t like having my friends list totally public. Twitter provides most of what I really want in terms of what I want to see, though few of my meatspace friends use it currently.

My ideal social network would just prompt me to contact folks I haven’t seen in some time, perhaps taking into account the nature of the relationship. Facebook frequently reminded me to contact my mom, to whom I talk nearly every day, and it didn’t have any way for me to note that. The LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar has a dashboard that has some of this functionality, though I prefer not to use Outlook. Highrise might substitute, too, though it seems a little sales-focused.

If Facebook is for the people I’d invite into my house, I’d rather just do that than contend with an impenetrable user interface and a culture that doesn’t truly respect my privacy.


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