Mobile video problems

In Uncategorized on 2010-01-04 by Kyle Maxwell

I wanted to experiment with mobile video from my Blackberry Curve 8330. It didn’t go well.

First, I recorded about 40 seconds of my three-year-old son playing with a toy laptop, sitting next to his mother on the couch. Not exactly Pulitzer material, but for test footage, it should do.

Then I went to The upload page just links a “secret” email address to which I can send my video and have it converted and published. Unfortunately, though, for whatever reason my Curve won’t email the test video, either to that address or to my own (for later uploading from my desktop). Attaching video gives me an “invalid address” error, regardless of the actual destination address.

Neither version of Gmail Mobile (the Blackberry app or the mobile web site) allow attachments, nor does Yahoo! Mail for mobile. And if I try to upload to Twitvid with Ubertwitter, that fails with an HTTP 404. I can’t quite figure out the mobile interface on Twitvid, though I suspect the answer to my general problem may lie with them. The Flickr app doesn’t even show me the Video folder.

I find this very disappointing. Why don’t either of the mobile mail providers (Gmail and Yahoo!) support attachments? Why doesn’t YouTube have a Blackberry app? Why does the Curve make it difficult? I could remove the media card, but they’ve placed it behind the battery, so I can’t do that very easily. That will end up being the most likely and reliable option, but certainly the most difficult as well.

Either I need a Droid or we need better options for mobile video on our smartphones.


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