Metaplace closing

In Uncategorized on 2009-12-27 by Kyle Maxwell

For the few that might not have heard, Metaplace as we know it will shut down next week. As much as the news disappoints me, it seems likely that lots of entrepreneurial startups and small businesses met their end this year just as much as the big boys did. The immediacy of the shutdown really leads me to conclude that they simply ran out of money, and lots of businesses had the same problem this year.

I will note, though, that I think that maybe the 2.5D stuff pushed them into sort of an aesthetic niche. A lot of folks who might otherwise have had interest didn’t like the grid or isometric viewpoints, having grown accustomed to 3D. The cartoony look gave the whole enterprise a fun, light-hearted environment, but that might not have helped either.

Regardless of its imperfections (which all sites and projects have to varying degrees), Metaplace pushed the boundaries, set new standards for user-generated content. I can only wish Koster the best in whatever new business-facing plans he has for the company and that the many incredibly intelligent, hard-working, and talented folks who worked there will find new gigs and keep expanding our expectations and horizons.


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