Big CCP announcement next Tuesday

In Uncategorized on 2009-08-14 by Kyle Maxwell

We’ve known for a while that CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson will make an announcement at his GDC Europe 2009 keynote presentation in which he will reveal the next big project CCP will produce.

I believe that he will announce that their long-delayed “walking in stations” feature has grown to include a full-scale add-on including ground combat.

Of course, that sort of ambitious prediction doesn’t come out of the ether. We know at least the following:

  • A recent trademark filing by CCP seems to hint at a new EVE-related game. And based on the logo, I’d say it focuses on individuals rather than ships.
  • The Art of EVE book includes a section devoted to the concept art they have developed related to ground games.
  • Rumors surfaced last year of some sort of EVE FPS.
  • The oft-delayed WiS feature will not come in the winter expansion.

Thin stuff? Maybe. But I have every confidence that early next Tuesday morning, Hilmar will make me a very happy player. And I think he’ll do it with some awesomeness related to WiS and a ground game. However, I really hope that, rather than actual FPS mechanics, they focus in some way on RPG-style combat. This would fit the EVE player base and approach much better than bunny-hopping, rocket-jumping soldiers.

What do you think he’ll say?

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