Brainstorming EVE Online venues in Metaplace

In Uncategorized on 2009-08-05 by Kyle Maxwell

I’ve kicked off a discussion over on my EVE blog to brainstorm some ideas for creating EVE Online venues in Metaplace. This week seems to have turned into “All About Metaplace” for me, heh.

While we continue to wait on “walking in stations,” then, I started thinking about building a venue or two for EVE Online in Metaplace. Perhaps captain’s quarters, or a research lab, or a ship hangar, or a bar / lounge… I have a lot of options here. And if the planned in-game browser revamp this winter allows for Flash, we could really do something cool.

So what would you envision for these venues? When you envision these sorts of locations, are they sumptuous and luxurious, or do you think of slightly seedier locales? Star Trek or Blade Runner? What would definitely be in them, or definitely not be in them?

And this marks 100 posts on this blog!


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