Gears enabled on Chrome Bits

In Uncategorized on 2009-08-01 by Kyle Maxwell

Not that this will matter to you folks reading, but I enabled Gears, both for this blog and my EVE Online blog Ecliptic Rift, on my netbook. I’d already started using Gears with Google Docs a week or two ago. So tonight I enabled it for Gmail and these two sites, meaning that I should be able to work much more quickly and with less frustration. That is, this upgrade should result in, among other things, more writing and other content production since I can work more easily when I don’t have a stable Internet connection (or any connection at all).

Maybe this should start to give me an idea of what Google Chrome OS will do for us: a less disjoint experience between working on my computer and in the cloud. Sun told us many years ago that “the network is the computer,” but unfortunately they didn’t manage to stay focused on a compelling vision. Other companies have gotten pretty far by understanding this and making it happen. Even Microsoft has started to try to get into this in their usual proprietary, twisted way — but I digress.

Anyway, the two takeaways here: (a) I hope Gears helps me do what I do better and more easily, and (b) the future continues to arrive, or at least to start to distribute itself a little more.

Photo credit ralphbijker via Flickr


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