Musings on gaming and digital media in Linux

In Uncategorized on 2009-07-31 by Kyle Maxwell

I went to bed last night after fiddling a little with some problems with my video card. Then I woke up this morning to find my Windows desktop totally unusable, as the monitor doesn’t see any signal at all. Clearly this will require additional time and attention.

But, as a geek, I have other systems in the house. My wife uses a Windows laptop with no real 3D acceleration, so while I can use it to start up a game, I can’t do much with it besides chat and maybe a little bit of trading and such. And I have two Linux laptops: one full notebook from System76 and one Dell Mini 10v netbook. I use these for work and such, but the notebook in particular has enough horsepower to run games that work with Wine.

Fortunately for me, EVE Online works well using that compatibility layer, so I haven’t gone totally offline. In fact, I have started to consider this as an opportunity to take another SWG break (more on additional reasons for that in a few days) and focus more on other pursuits like writing, perhaps a bit of coding again, and exploring digital media tools in Linux.

I wonder if the notebook could handle Google Sketchup or even DAZ3D as I’ve seen reports that both work well under Wine. Certainly GIMP, Blender, and Audacity do just fine natively in Linux, and I don’t know yet about simple video editing tools.

This could make a fine set of projects for August.


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