Thoughts on meebo survey and media versus source

In Uncategorized on 2009-07-28 by Kyle Maxwell

I took a meebo marketing survey this weekend that got me to thinking about how we view messages. (If you plan to take the survey, you should probably do that first before reading the rest of this post. And if you use and like meebo, you should probably take the survey.)

Part of the survey asks whether you place more confidence in brand or product recommendations depending on the communication medium: email, IM, text, blogs, social networking, etc. This strikes me as counter-intuitive, since I pay far more attention to the source of the information than the actual medium. I suppose that maybe the depth of information might matter, perhaps, so that Twitter or such could have a slight disadvantage, but that doesn’t necessarily correlate with the medium since brief one-liners can come from almost anywhere, or a tweet could link to a more in-depth consideration.

So whomever set up this survey may have tried to translate some old methodology or set of questions without really understanding these new media. Or maybe the questions just relate directly to advertising rates? I don’t know enough about that end of the business, but I do know that this survey seems to miss the point, at least for me.

Do you think the medium matters more than the source?


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