Storytelling with digital media: Presentations

In Uncategorized on 2009-07-16 by Kyle Maxwell

Fourth in a series.

Just as my grandfather’s slide projector could show a lot of interesting things besides yet another set of vacation photos, presentations can help tell interesting stories when used appropriately. The combination of images and perhaps some sort of audio track (background music, voice, etc.) harkens back to the oral traditions that have served us for millennia and still have tremendous power.

In fact, in some contexts like business and government, presentations have become so ubiquitous that an entire jargon has evolved around them: decks and “slideuments” have lead to the very real (and often accurate) perception that Powerpoint is evil. But this really has more to do with poor usage than the technology.

Even in fictional or cultural contexts, presentations can tell compelling stories. Social media sites like Youtube and Slideshare publish these presentations to wider audiences and let the presenter communicate in ways that Aristotle never would have envisioned but would have still enjoyed.

Next in the series: interactive narratives


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