Metaplace class on Beginning Behaviors

In Uncategorized on 2009-07-13 by Kyle Maxwell

Today I attended a Metaplace University class on adding behaviors to objects, since not everything requires scripting. The wiki page doesn’t have any screens of the current user interface iteration, but this really turned out dead-simple. In part, this resulted from the teaching style of our instructor, chooseareality. I also took notes live in Google Docs and made them public, albeit with a few hiccups.

Essentially, any object you drop into the world can do various things. Those things might include displaying an image or YouTube video, moving the player to another place or world, changing something about the object (e.g. turning on a lamp), moving things around, and a lot more. You can do most of this through a straightforward UI: add a behavior, set a few mostly-self-explanatory properties, and there you go.

Metaplace has made huge strides since the last time I checked in on them. Like Twitter, understanding the value here sometimes takes some time (and usually tinkering). I’ve started resurrecting my idea lists and will spend some time this week building a demo world for embedding on this site so I can explain better the really exciting bits of Ultima LifeBook.


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