Raph Koster interview with Massively

In Uncategorized on 2009-07-02 by Kyle Maxwell

I have used Metaplace since alpha and have thought a lot about what it means for us. I’ll have more to say in coming weeks — including experimenting with a Chrome Bits world — but in the meantime, Massively has interviewed Raph Koster about the current state of Metaplace. A few choice quotes;

You can have a Metaplace that’s designed to look like it fits right on your page. I think that’s right where it gets really interesting.

Virtual worlds need to make that jump to become “ordinary,” in a way. Having them become a key part of the web would be a key part of that. It’s always been a mistake for us to think that virtual worlds will swallow the web. I don’t think that’s the way things are going. But I do think we’ll be seeing a much tighter integration between virtual worlds and the rest of the Internet.

That last statement (emphasis mine) essentially sums up one of the core ideas I intend to explore with this site.


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