Star Trek and Catholicism

In Uncategorized on 2009-05-09 by Kyle Maxwell

At the risk of trivializing an important religion and cultural system, I’ve often compared my relationship with Star Trek to that of a lapsed Catholic. My family raised me in a tradition to which they continued to adhere even when I found it stilted, boring, and no longer relevant. But still, I love my dad, so I’d go to the most important of the regularly-scheduled events. For Catholics, that’s Easter and Christmas Mass; for Star Trek fans, that’s the release of a new movie.

So when we heard that JJ Abrams planned to “reboot” Star Trek with a fresh take on the original series, I promised him I’d go, though I did that more out of a sense of love and duty for my dad more than for the story. Then I saw the movie, and everything changed.

I am a Trekkie again.


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