Tangled sharing

In Uncategorized on 2009-03-17 by Kyle Maxwell

My biggest tangle in my online life right now? Sharing stuff. The revolution right now means that nobody has really figured out yet how this stuff should work, though I suspect that when we do have the answer, it will look like it should have been obvious all along.

Just as an example, should I post interesting links to Twitter or FriendFeed? Or Tumblr?

What about separating my personas, or spheres, or keeping my worlds from colliding? I need more tools to do this. Right now, I have two separate Twitter accounts, one for EVE Online and one for everything else, but that largely stems from not having a good group tool built into Twitter. Even then, sometimes I want to post something to Facebook (where I talk to my friends), other times to LinkedIn (where I should be talking to colleagues), sometimes to Twitter (where I talk to the world), and I don’t know the rest. Blog comments, forum comments, everything is spread out everywhere.

See, the reason all of this feels broken is that I don’t have a bunch of different social networks. I have one network, and different sites give me different renders of that network.

I can think of a few different starts to this. Maybe it starts with tagging everything so that semantic tools can figure out what goes where: oh, he’s talking about EVE Online, so this bit goes in this bucket. Now he’s talking about Christianity, so it goes in an entirely different one. Picture of his kids? Yep, over there. But right now, it’s based on “where” I post, not “what” I post, and I don’t like that any more than I like trying to call different phone numbers to find somebody. I talk to people, not places.

Hmm, that last bit might end up providing my answer. I talk to people, not places. I want tools that help me do that. Don’t focus on pulling me as a user into your “place,” focus on helping me talk to people whereever they are.


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