An EVE-alicious weekend

In Uncategorized on 2009-01-11 by Kyle Maxwell

Getting a cold spoiled my larger plans for the weekend, though I still spent a great deal of the time with my kids and rediscovering what I love about EVE Online. And while I’m at it, congratulations to CCP Games for building a world that attracts and can handle over 47,000 players on the same cluster, all logged in at the same time. I did my little part to participate in it and even publicize it a little to get a few more people online. Can any other games claim the same thing?

In the meantime, I cleared out all my belongings from Kudon Astraisx as I prepare to sell the character (not the account, which would violate CCP Games’ rules). I’d like to say that I’m doing this because I don’t want to RP the character anymore, but that’s not really true. No, now that I’ve found a much better balance between my hobby (science fiction MMOGs) and the rest of my life, I don’t want to have multiple accounts. And as long as I have that character available to me, I’ll have that temptation. He’ll probably fetch a decent price, certainly enough to buy the Orca I’ve got my eye on. More on that later, once the auction begins.

Casiella will stay active, though. This weekend, I built my first starbase, pictured above. It includes a research lab, a hangar array, and hopefully sufficient defenses to scare away passersby. I’ve done what I can to choose a relatively safe location, short of locating in high-sec, and mostly now I’m just happy to have a place to call my own.

I started playing the market as well, mostly selling off old loot, reprocessing modules (does anybody need more than Scrapmetal Processing 2?), and getting a feel for what sells. Based on what I learned in all this, I’m going to dip my toes further into production as that seems like an interesting way to go for now in addition to blueprint research.

As much as I enjoy combat in EVE Online, right now I find it impossible for purely RL reasons. My kids love to come in and distract me, so I have to avoid most PVE and nearly all PVP, as I can’t get the sustained focus time required. I did start to train on battlecruisers with an eye to clearing out my own low-sec exploration complexes but have decided to wait until I get a bit more science & industry skill training completed.

One final note, though about SWG: MMOG inter-server politics are even dumber than wars between RPG classes. Yes, I’m looking at you, Starsider and Sunrunner and E-Chimaera. You know who you are. More on that in a few days.


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