Twitterfeed is evil

In Uncategorized on 2009-01-07 by Kyle Maxwell

Well, maybe not evil. Like most things, in moderation Twitterfeed has its place. But those who use it should remember that taking blog posts and shoehorning them into another medium causes problems when not used properly.

A broadcast is not a conversation. Mixing the two ends up irritating people, like automated telemarketing calls. The medium is the message, and the difference between what we used to call “push” versus “pull” affects our expectations. If I go to your blog, then I’m expecting to read what you write and maybe comment there. But if you’re pushing out to me what you write, I want it to go both ways.

Yes, publicizing your work via Twitter can be helpful. After all, if I’m interested in what you have to say on Twitter, it stands to reason I want to see what you write elsewhere about similar topics. But if (like, say, @massively) your Twitter stream consists of nothing but automated notifications about your posts, then you’ve entirely missed the point. I can subscribe to your RSS feed just fine, so don’t try to replace it.

I want a conversation with a person who has a voice, and if you just want to yell at me, I’ll calmly go find someone else with whom I can converse. Because that exchange of ideas is where things get interesting, after all.


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