EVE Online Skill Update 2 (and a bonus request)

In Uncategorized on 2008-12-09 by Kyle Maxwell

Since my first skill update, CCP released the Quantum Rise expansion to EVE Online. This included certifications to assist with planning. While this doesn’t benefit me nearly as much as it does a truly new pilot, of course I learned some things (particularly in the Core and Defence areas). Both of my characters have passed 12m SP now.

Casiella Truza, my original character, has progressed really well since the last skill update. She’s now Orca-certified, though I can’t yet afford one. This means she has Mining Foreman 5, Mining Director 1, and Mining Barge 5. I’ve also gotten her well along the way into refining, and I still plan to pursue that more. Due to reduced play time until recently, I never did build the research POS I intended (though I did pick up a few more relevant skills). That will hopefully change in the future, or maybe I’ll just sell the assets to finance my Orca. Currently, she holds the Minmatar Business – Entrepeneur and Minmatar Industry – Engineer professional certifications at the Standard level and the Business Mogul certification at the Improved level. I suspect I’ll continue the reprocessing route for a bit longer so I can get Scrapmetal Processing, at least once I hit Industrial Command Ships 4 this weekend.

Kudon Astraisx has worked on support skills and such. He has Elite-level certifications as Minmatar Military – Soldier and Minmatar Military – Special Forces. He has all Core certifications at Standard except for Navigation at Improved. Shield Reinforcement stands at Standard, and Active Shield Tanking should hit Improved in the next few days.

So the bonus request? I’d like to find a new corp. My old one, a Minmatar militia associated at one time with Electus Matari, sort of disintegrated when a mole robbed everything in the hangars, while I had gone on hiatus and handed the corp over to a friend some time after disassociating ourselves from EM over a policy matter. Not much you can do when one of your directors actually turns out as a mole for an enemy alliance, other than not trust people. Lesson learned, all part of EVE.

While I consider myself a hard-core roleplayer and would obviously consider a RP corp, I’d consider any corp that tolerates it. If you have a bunch of members that hate RPers, probably we don’t fit each other. I prefer to find a corp that pirates, but I’d enjoy almost any PvP. As a father of two small children with community responsibilities and a job, however, my RL comes first and (unfortunately) sometimes I get unavoidably interrupted by my kids during play.

If you think one or both of my characters could fit into your corp, please shoot me a note at In the meantime, I’ll keep looking as I have a few ideas, but more options mean a better chance of finding an arrangement that makes everybody happy!


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