In Uncategorized on 2008-12-05 by Kyle Maxwell

I don’t know of another term for this, so I invented one: storystreaming, telling a story via multiple forms of social media. (Pointers to existing discussion of similar or identical concepts would make me giddy.) This post mostly consists of brainstorming, throwing ideas at the walls and seeing what sticks. For context, I wrote about this a month ago under the title “Real-time fiction” over on my personal blog. The concept belongs here, though.

Imagine a story in which characters each have their own Twitter feed, podcast, and/or blog. Machinima or a vlog might help visualize key events and a core blog (or at least RSS feed) would tie it all together, perhaps with the narrator’s perspective. Characters would “friend” each other on social networks, maybe even cross-talk.

What sorts of stories could one tell this way? I suspect most genre fiction wouldn’t work though perhaps a techno-thriller would. Probably it would best handle character exposition or introspection, since most everything in the story would come out via their own voices. Or perhaps a family drama could result in exploring episodes from multiple angles; really, anything character-driven.

Is this the future of the soap opera in a “Net Gen” world?


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