Avatars and voice

In Uncategorized on 2008-12-03 by Kyle Maxwell

From Is it I? on Terra Nova:

When you talk about things that happen to your avatars in virtual worlds, do you refer to your avatars as “it” or “I”?  In what situations would you speak of your avatar in the third person voice (it/he/she) and in what situations would you use the first person?

This question comes up a lot among roleplayers because of the concept of blending, or mixing in-character statements and actions with out-of-character statements and actions.

So when we discuss roleplaying actions — my character’s reaction to what someone else said — we often use the third person. “John sure was ticked when Mary started drinking.” But when we’re discussing gameplay actions, particularly those treated as OOC, we might use the first person. “I really tore it up in that battle.”

This really gains importance when drama can come up. Roleplayers need to prevent IC conflicts from creating OOC problems. At least on some level, we should have good OOC relationships with our IC enemies. That guy might be playing a jackbooted stormtrooper, but he himself probably is a decent guy.

In other areas, using third person can just cause odd confusion and Bob Dole references.


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