GamerDNA: A social network for gamers

In Uncategorized on 2008-11-30 by Kyle Maxwell

GamerDNA provides a social network for gamers. That’s the elevator pitch, as I take it, and it includes some core functionality like a friends list, group hosting, quizzes and “attitudes” (essay questions about how you view gaming), and a limited API that’s under heavy development. While the site still lists itself as “beta”, we’re looking at a very advanced beta, indeed.

The developers use Twitter well. Rather than just use it to republish their development RSS feed, they throw out questions to their followers, respond and converse about the site, and generally engage directly with their community. Thumbs up on this!

Interestingly, the site includes a game-like advancement system. As you complete your profile, add friends, fulfill challenges, and do other things, you can “level up”. This encourages their users to keep coming back and rely on the site, and given their community identity, this fits in perfectly naturally. LinkedIn does something like this with a profile completeness percentage, but this takes the concept a step further.

They do have some areas to improve, and I want to explore them more in future posts. The UI design seems a little heavy; a mobile version hasn’t been developed yet but they want to do one. Likely related to this, site performance suffers occasionally, but this likely stems from growing pains. I’d also like to see better support for tracking my friends’ activity, more imports from other sites, allowing email addresses in the “AKA” section (which already includes IM, Twitter, Friendfeed, and some other things), and better support for publishing my updates via RSS.

Bottom line, GamerDNA hits a lot of the things I’ve been seeking in a social network focused on gaming. I look forward to seeing it grow and mature into a mainstay.

Check out my profile and sign up!


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