SF books needing movie adaptations

In Uncategorized on 2008-11-11 by Kyle Maxwell

A friend at work sent me this list of The 8 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books Which Most Desperately Need Movies (sic).

I’ve never read several of these, principally those that fall into the “fantasy” side more than the “sci-fi” side.

But The Man in the High Castle seems like a natural for Hollywood, and I’m not sure why it hasn’t happened yet. Snow Crash would likewise come out well.

The Foundation series could possibly do it, though of Asimov’s works the R. Daneel Olivaw mysteries probably lend themselves best to screenplays. We won’t mention the travesty of I, Robot a few years back.

More recently, Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series seems like it could really work as a screenplay, and the author has expressed interest in that happening someday.

I’m wondering what presents more challenges to screenwriters and directors: far-future (like Foundation) or near-future (like Snow Crash)?


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