EVE Online Skill Training Update 1

In Uncategorized on 2008-09-19 by Kyle Maxwell

EVE Online players frequently cite the skill training system as one of their favorite aspects of the game. No grinding for experience points; rather, a player sets a skill to train, then waits for skill points to accumulate as a function of his character’s existing stats. You can do a few things to increase your stats (Learning skills and implants), but in general after that initial flurry, skill training functions based on real time, as it continues even when the player hasn’t logged into the game in some time, or even remained subscribed, as long as the skill hasn’t completed. You do have to log in to be able to change the skill under training, including changing the planned level, however.

With that in mind, I thought I’d take a cue from some other EVE bloggers and talk a little about my current skill planning.

Kudon Astraisx, currently a Minmatar militia pilot, has about 8.4m SP primarily in Gunnery, Spaceship Command, and Electronics. At the moment, he’s working on Electronics Upgrades 5 in order to fly Covert Ops ships. Specifically, I want to be able to fly stealth bombers and, eventually, recon ships. Other than that, I’m still working on support skills (engineering and a bit of mechanics) and some missile skills to increase the damage from the stealth bomber.

Casiella Truza is a cyberpunk-style hacker and researcher with 8.6m SP. She has hacking, archaeology, Minmatar invention, and lots of trade skills. She’s also got T2 Minmatar transport skills. My current plan for her is to get into exploration and build a research-focused starbase. So right now I’ve got Covert Ops 4 going; she already has Cloaking 4 and Astrometrics 4, plus the other scanning skills at level 2. I’ll train them up to 4 once this one is done, as I really want that covert ops cloaking module. In a few weeks, I’ll switch back to research skills for a while. A lot of the gameplay on this character centers around roleplay.

My third alt will remain unnamed for now, but I intend him as a combat escort pilot on Casi’s exploration ventures and maybe eventually running missions for pirate factions. At 2.6m SP, he’s just now becoming viable for that. He’s got Caldari Cruiser 4 and some missile and shield skills, but both of those areas (plus fitting) still need a lot of work. Probably in a week or so, I can get him into a Moa (unlikely, since it wouldn’t kill much) or even a Drake. Long-term, he’ll become a command ship pilot with lots of warfare link skills in case I ever really get into 0.0 warfare or such.


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