Ithorian RP

In Uncategorized on 2008-03-19 by Kyle Maxwell

First, some links (obviously not all are from official sources, but they’re well-referenced and I haven’t found any problems):

Star Wars Databank: Ithorians
SWG Wiki: Ithorians
Wookieepedia: Ithorians
Wookieepedia: Ithor
Wookieepedia: Mother Jungle
Law of Life

In my roleplay, physical mannerisms are always very important. Some mannerisms will be common to a species, or at least a culture. These are some I’d invented for my character; other players are welcome to use them, expand on them, or ignore and laugh at them, as they wish.

  • Blinks slowly and stands still when nervous or afraid
  • Extends trunk slightly to display interest and curiosity
  • Speaks in “reverse Polish notation” (more or less Yoda-style)
  • Sways his trunk in extreme emotional distress (e.g. grief)
  • Prays in Ithorese to Mother Jungle
  • Moves trunk up and down when happy or satisfied

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