Grozchiir: Adventures of a Madclaw (Part 3)

In Uncategorized on 2008-03-19 by Kyle Maxwell


The wind shifted suddenly out of the south, rattling branches and sending the jyykle vultures scrambling. Grozchiir hunched down expectantly, fearing what this sudden change might signal. He’d managed to swing an assignment on a smuggler’s ship to Kashyyyk delivering weapons to the local resistance. The CO in his unit had understood it was time for him to go back for a while, as much for the Alliance as for his own desire to celebrate Life Day properly, and so granted his request for the special assignment.

Despite the omen, a few minutes of waiting seemed to indicate nothing out of the ordinary. No new smells in the air, no sounds. He continued to work his way across the canopy as he had for several nights. Narookia lay ahead, and he knew it would only be a short time until he was once again home…

After the tearful greetings and hugs and such were complete, it was time to visit the chief and pay his respects. Grozchiir’s family had a long, proud tradition of serving as soldiers and fighters in defense of the village, and in fact he had once served as Blood Hunter of the village until the coming of the Empire.

A small child stopped him, tugging forlornly on his fur. As Grozchiir looked down at him, it was clear something was wrong.

“Are you here to find Taroo?”

The large Wookiee frowned down at the child and grumbled. “Taroo is missing?”

With widening eyes, the child stepped back. “She was taken… Chief knows! Ask him, ask him!”

This appeared to be an inauspicious time after all. Groz squared his shoulders and continued on to the Chief’s hut, this time with a stronger sense of purpose.


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